Boateng-Boakye Evans

My name is Boateng Boakye Evans but I prefer to be called Snave. I am a proud Pharm D student in KNUST but before here I had my high school education at St. John’s School-Sekondi.

I love to write, but most of all, I enjoy the journey i take my readers on. I can’t hide the joy of them having to think before they garner a full appreciation of any piece i bring to the table. Lol, I’m only bragging.

What I will be doing primarily on here, will be to address the readers senses, sing my songs of national issues, love, academics with crafty write ups. As I somewhat unwillingly have fallen in love with the beauty of writing, you will be struck by cupids javelin, see as arrows are too miniscule for the emotions my works churn, and get you falling in love with the articles too. This dream needs to be kept ablaze and that’s why I am not ready to stop.

Before I end, “I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God.” Colossians 2:2