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31st December continues to be a special day in the lives of most people.  It is a day that keeps many thinking, causing them to reminisce what they have done throughout the year. But because of the joy it present, everyone is happy to find himself/herself in that day.

On this day, it is not uncommon to see people who have not entered the temple the whole of the year in there, praying for deliverance, for prosperity in the coming year etc. 

I guess if God was a man, the best time he would have closed his gates will be on new year’s Eve. One startling thing that have always baffled me and till now I cannot comprehend is, how some others on this great day of deliverance decide to harden their heart like that of King Pharaoh and go stealing since they presume stealing is a habit they cannot stop. When everyone is intentional about being saved on such a day, so that they may see the new year in one piece and with a peaceful mind, these thieves are also intentional about going to hell(or you think they don’t know what they are doing – didn’t they sit to calculate to see the time that nobody will be home?).

One thing worth mentioning, is the New Year’s Resolution. Now ask me what about the new year resolutions? Notwithstanding the failures and successes in every year, new year resolutions are always towards successes only and expecting no failures but failures as inevitable as they are, always try to locate us wherever we find ourselves – even when we hide under the robe of the pope. This has brought to realization that new year resolutions are ineffective and as useless as a Bible in the shrine of a fetish priest. Mind you, the fact that one will die doesn’t mean you should stop living before you die, in much the same way we have to continue to make these resolutions even though we may fail at some of them. Just see these presenting failures as opportunities to change your strategies to success because you only achieve different results when you take different approaches. 

Also, more importantly is the fact that many fail to analyse and reflect on the way of  life they lived in the outgoing year. This period is an opportunity to take stocks of your life. Find out the ‘whys’ to everything in your life, why did you fail, why couldn’t you achieve this or that? Remember you set some goals last year at this same time, how far did you go with it? Did you worship God the way you planned? Did you read that book you wanted to read? If no, then why? Find answers to these ‘whys’ and let them be a guide for you in the coming year.

Finally, the new year, 2017 is almost here, what are your plans; that you may buy a new what? That you may go where? Start planning now and write your plans down, place it where you will see it almost everyday, give it life by confessing it even as Jesus said “The words that I speak to you they spirit and they are life”.

Success is yours in 2017, believe it, claim it and live it out. See you in much joy and strength in 2017.

My name is Obed Ehoneah, I know that 2017 holds a lot of opportunities for me, I believe it and I claim it in Jesus name, what about you?

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Pharm D, KNUST

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