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It all began with a coin toss.

The coin came up tails; she was heads.

Had it gone her way, there might not be a story at all. Just a sentence in a book whose greater title had yet to be determined.

Sometimes a girl needs to lose.

Ade has always prejudiced to be an orphan, and that everything she knows about orphanhood is limited to what she has been told by her parents and then by what they were told, which was sketchy at best: a week old baby was found in an empty typewriter case in the second-to-last pew of an Eastern orthodox  Church. Was the case a clue to her biological father’s profession? Did the church mean her birth mother was devout? Until now, you will not know that is why you should not choose to anticipate.

When he was told about her(for lack of better word) accident, he felt horrible. Not horrible in the sense that she was hospitalised, but because he now knew the reason for her hospitalisation, and that he was not ready, anytime soon, to disclose what really happened.

It was late in the evening when he received the message. There was nothing he could do. He couldn’t  have gone either: The roads were scary, and it hadn’t been long since an attack incident happened.

The next day in the afternoon, he arrived at the hospital. After receiving directions, he was able to locate her ward and, fortunately or unfortunately for him,he met a Doctor and introduced himself:

“Sir, I am Larkin. Unfortunately, her family is not here, but I am her boyfriend.”

Larkin appeared at the hospital in a neatly ironed, short-sleeved shirt and a pair of jean trousers. He entered and saw Ade lying on a bed with normal saline solution being pumped into her veins. She felt very weak, and her eyes closed. He warmly took her by the hand, caught them in his fist and kissed her forehead. He was emotionally disturbed; he was impassive. What was he going to tell Ade’s family? How was he going to say it? All these groundswelling questions were boggling his mind. The more he thought about them the more flustered he became.

“Hey. It’s me, Larkin. You’ll be fine. Yhh.” 

The name, Larkin, sounded familiar to her; she couldn’t remember exactly who Larkin was to her. He had to start introducing himself all over again, describing clear memorable events they had together, and even raised the issue of the coin toss. But all these had no root in her brain. He felt more fretted and wondered what on earth could have resulted after that small twist on the staircase. He couldn’t bear what he was experiencing so he uttered few inspiring words and ended with I LOVE YOU, and excused himself. If I had the chance, I would call this second dude evacuating the ward Will. Because the first dude, Larkin, who entered the hospital in an aggressive manner was not the same larkin leaving. The experiences he went through remoulded him into the so-called illusionary Will.

Ade, who used to weigh around sixty-eight kilogram was now weighing somewhere 40kg, and her plump body was turning into something else. Her blazing eyes were dull and sunken. An intelligent girl as Ade had turned into a moron already. What really was her medical condition? 

Larkin appeared in the hospital three days after to find out about Ade’s medical condition. This time, he was in a checkered shirt and a pair of black trousers. He was refused his request. The Doctor, perhaps, needed the parents of the casualty. 

Larkin was also growing lean and weak. All his details could be clearly seen, spur of the moment, on how loose his trousers were on him. 

One afternoon, Ade’s parents found their way into the hospital. Thanks to a nearby bystander who saw Ade being rushed into the hospital-They had roamed lots of hospitals. They located her ward and hurriedly went to see her. They felt surprised at their first sight. Because, they couldn’t recognise their daughter. She was completely changed. Funny or scary enough, their daughter could not remember having any or such parents. Her parents felt disappointed. They couldn’t believe their eyes and what they heard. They sought for an explanation to everything. Everything they could not comprehend. When she was admitted, and the cost of her bills was what the Doctor could tell them- Diagnosis was still on-going.

Some four days after, larkin decided to visit Ade. He wore a neat, polo lacoste. Incidentally, he met her parents and the Doctor at the ward. The on-going diagnosis was half way through. The medical condition was resolved. In a faint whisper, the Doctor unleashed the condition: “your daughter is suffering AMNESIA.” The parents of Ade gazed in bewilderment. Silence filled the room, and larkin finally released the dispatch:

“I can explain; I’m not the cause though. We are workers in the same department- photography. I was told, onetime after work, on her way home with Raina, a co-worker, they forgot to pick up a camera. No one was willing to climb the long stairs. So they had to toss, and unfortunately she lost. On her way down the stairs, her legs twisted and she dashed her head against the floor.” Her parents were sad on hearing the news. But the Doctor assured them of their daughter going to be well. Larkin sobbed and excused himself. Ade’s parents followed later.
To be continued …

Posted by: Eshun Obed Kane

Pharm D, KNUST

(Guest Writer)

© SnavewritesGroup 2016


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