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Hello my bonafide Yaa Abrafi Koto, 
                I cannot hide my joy for getting the opportunity once again to write to you. I know you miss me a lot because the last time I visited your house, it was unfortunate I had to take a French leave  because I was paying for the diarrhea I got from that Zongo junction ‘gob3’ I took as breakfast. I got home safely even though I embarrassed myself in the trotro I took home.

                  My love, you remember I told you I had something important and dear to my heart to discuss with you? It is because of that I decided to write to you this piece. There is a saying that, ‘a blow which is inevitably yours, when earlier encountered will extricate you from further hostilities’ and so I won’t waste much of the time beating about the bush.

Spending few years of my life on the lands of KNUST has indeed opened my eyes to ‘life’ on campus and as I err around, what I have observed motivates me to tell you this.

                Frankly speaking, it was my prayer that God makes a way for you to get admission to join me in the best University in Ghana because I could feel your pain and struggle as you have tried fruitlessly in the November-December WASSCE for the past three years. WAEC nearly gave you an award  for that record, you know. I am grateful that you have finally gained admission to KNUST. Sweetheart, I found out you got admitted to read Doctor of Pharmacy even though your dream was to read Medicine. Please do not be discouraged because you have been given a better field you would not regret in future. I know you are eager to come to school and this feeling is a usual one. I was once like you. I must say, you would like everything in KNUST maybe except that you would have to pay expensive school fees every year.

                   I know very well that you are under kind of a domineering rule in your home. This compels you to stay home often times. You are under strict supervision of your parents and hence, you are better off than an angel in heaven.  You do not have the liberty to wear what you like, go where you wish and do whatever you prefer to do. Also, Wesley Girl’s, your senior high school was like a military training camp or better still a prison and hence you were trained to be as discipline as you could be. 

Nevertheless, the University life is like what most of my friends call it, ‘universal city life’. Indeed it is a universal city occupied by many people from all walks of life, different character and background. There is total independence on campus, and unlike your home, you are not bound by any supervision, stringent rules and regulations. Comparatively, there are no housemistresses, siren, morning assemblies, roll taking, Exeat, as it were in your senior high school. In short, you do what you like at any time but bound by many lax rules geared towards providing comfort for academic and social activities.

                My love, this total freedom may be new to you and as a fresher and inexperienced, if care is not taken, it could influence you negatively to do certain things you are not known for. 

There is fun on campus and you being a party loving person, you may want to have all the fun you’ve been deprived of. One thing worth mentioning is the ‘drink up’ parties, hall week celebrations, etc you may be influenced to attend. At these gatherings, you would get to drink the; Ciroc vodka, 8 pm, Heineken ,Smirrnoff, Amarula, Joy dadi, Adonko bitters and those other alcoholic drinks you can think of since you have always wanted the chance to do this.

               Abrafi, you know you are not expected to be in prescribed uniforms especially reading Pharmacy and so you can wear anything of your choice. Please do not change your style of dressing to the campus style. Some ladies here dress almost nude by wearing what they refer to as  ‘see me through’, ‘I’m aware’, ‘bare back’, ‘high waist trousers with the breast long dress’, ‘Leggings’, ‘Jeggings’, ‘braless dresses’, ‘tattered jeans’, ‘bomb shorts’, etc. Maybe someone has to remind me if we are still in the Garden of Eden where nudity was not a sin until Satan deceived man. I think I’m lost then.

When dressing, do not be influenced to wear about ‘3 inches’ of make-up because you want to look attractive and presentable. To be honest, I love you the way you look and I know other guys will also run helter-skelter for your love. But please do not over paint your face and look like those comedians in concert parties we used to watch when we were kids. Anyway, do not get me wrong with this. I’m saying this because too much of everything is bad and sometimes it scares us when we meet some ladies like that.

                Honey, I know that you are a ‘holy virgin’ and you have saved that precious gift for me on our honeymoon but let me hasten to caution that  some guys here on campus may want to ‘decipher’ or let me say exploit that treasure you have on your land called ‘ayaase’.  So please don’t be swayed by the ’November rush’. Oops my bad!!!, please do not be offended if I’m being too blunt. 

 Pressures and fun here may cajole you to put up lackadaisical attitude towards academic work.  You may boycott so many lecture periods without genuine reasons and as well refuse to write laboratory reports,  do assignments or even sit up to study.

In spite of all these, please be reminded that there is no surety you would be a victim of the university influence if only you pay heed to what I’m telling you and not forgetting the advice your parents will give you before you come to school. Please get yourself good company as soon as you come here, also don’t hesitate to cut any relationship with any friend you see to be going wayward and has the potential of being a bad influence. 

Baby, I wish you engage yourself in religious activities and not joke with your spiritual life. But hey, do not over do these religious thingy and be too ‘chrife’ since that would not help you in your academics. Don’t misquote me, I only mean be time conscious and manage your time very well to have a balance in everything you do here on campus. Believe you me, pharmacy isn’t an easy program and it takes dedication, hard work and perseverance to survive it, that’s why I say you need to balance your academics and religious life.

               I have said a few but important, worth noting stuff about life here on campus and I hope a word to a wise is indeed enough to you in your dictionary.

To end this, I pray you take my advice seriously and I wish you a successful PharmD journey.  I love you so much and I cannot wait to see you at the faculty neatly dressed in your official wear, the new pharmacy ‘ritual’ though. 

The one you love,


Note: No name, no person in this piece, and no outfit, thank God, is based upon an actual person or outfit in the real world. All names and characters are fictitious intended for writing purposes only. But I can tell you this; as my journey through the pharmaceutical jungle progresses, I have come to realize that, by comparison with the reality, my piece is as tame as a holiday postcard. Lol. Thank you.

Posted by: Boateng-Boakye Evans

Pharm D, KNUST

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