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​UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE… The Money or Passion???

Gone are the days where every university graduate could be employed  soon after completion of their national service. What do we see now? The number of unemployed graduates is now extremely high to an extent that, it has led to the formation of an association known as the UNEMPLOYED GRADUATES ASSOCIATION OF GHANA.
As it is a common thing to do in Ghana, my dearest motherland, all we have done about it, is to sit, complain and insult the Government for not providing adequate jobs for us all. 

Having given this a deeper thought, I realised all these issues may have it root from WAEC examinations (all the malpractices associated), university admission and entrance process (the to-whom-you-know process). Let us be frank to ourselves and answer this question: what is the criteria for choosing a programme of study in Ghana now? Is it the passion for the course, the grades or the money. I know more than half of all those who read this believe that it is now more of who has the means to afford and also if you are lucky your grades can take you somewhere. Where is the passion then?

I am a total believer in the  popular adage that ” lack of knowledge make people perish”. I guess many have little or no knowledge about the courses they choose to study, only that their parents have the means to afford their entrance into that programme or the parents think they have some links by which they can secure a job for their ward when they are able to graduate. Be careful because circumstance changes and when the billows roll, will you be able to stand firm in whatever field you find yourself in?

Looking at the number of candidates sitting for WAEC examinations and other kinds of examinations in this country annually, and the number of people applying for entrance into the various universities, there is no scintilla of doubt that the various tertiary institutions are making lots of cash. Their schemes to make more money does not only rest with the sales of forms at those exorbitant prices but also accepting ‘protocol students’ (why won’t they accept them when they have lots of money to offer?), and the most recent observation is that the number of fee paying students admitted is on the rise with that of the regular students declining greatly. 

Another one that I have also realised is that even after selecting the students to be admitted, they employ a new way to make more money and that is by making room for more new applications. They give us many good reasons for us to believe them. Does it bother me that they are getting money or should I say extorting money from us? Not at all, I am just bothered about those brilliant kids who were not that fortunate to have silver spoons in their mouth on the day of their birth.
Put yourself in his/her shoes and you will know why I am concerned; That guy who could score 100 percent in all eight courses even though he barely finishes his exam most of the time  due to inability to pay school fees; That guy who seems to have a great future but had to let go of it because he couldn’t afford a university admission form and the guy who managed to work to generate some income to purchase the admission forms and was not admitted because he couldn’t afford the bribe he was asked to pay.

What I see around is the children of the rich showing off everywhere they go that they are in the university although their performances in class could not have taken them there. But for the affluence of their parents they would have been the ones writing Nov/Dec but all the same whether remedial or not, they now have a means to get into the university. Why then won’t the rich become richer and the poor, poorer?

Those who have the passion will always want to practice what they found themselves in even though the pay off may be as small as possible because they feel fulfilled. On the other hand, the others who bought their way through the system will not be willing to stand when their occupation starts drifting. 

Let us come to the realisation that, we are all different in one way or the other, even though both the right and left legs can put on a shoe each, they each have to get a specific shape of the shoe to feel comfortable, obviously when it is exchanged they  feel uncomfortable.

I am Obed, I believe we can start following our passions and that will make a difference and cut down unemployment rate. I encourage all who are down in the dumps because they have been denied admission once or more for any of the reasons stated above or any other, to take heart and not give up, for if it is yours, it shall surely come back to you.

To all those who have graduated but yet to be employed, I say to you, keep fighting the good fight and also look around you, find something that you are passionate about and do it no matter how small you make out of it for the joy is in the job fulfilment and not just the more money you get.

Once again, I reiterate: Learn more and be wise.

My opinions though

Posted by: Ehoneah Obed (  Pharm D, Knust                                       © SnavewritesGroup 2016 


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