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Never was it a choice to make. It’s our calling. That our identity is tied to this land, our motherland.

Unto us a land is given. Buried in the womb of the land are the treasures that define the selfhood of the land. A land gifted with life, a life that keeps the living alive.

It’s our call to be stewards. It’s our call to manage the land. It’s our call to maximize the gifts and treasures of the land. The wisdom of the old foresaw the price we had to pay, and the demands of the land, and so crafted words of allegiance to commit our strength and heart to the service of the land. To stretch out our faithfulness and loyalty toward the land, that we shall hold in high esteem our heritage won for us through the blood and toil of our fathers, and uphold and defend the good name of the land.

To whom much is given, from him is much expected. Every great gift requires a greater care. I have realized that, what makes the difference in life is not a matter of what you have but what you make of what you have been given.

And so having the best resources does not guarantee an efficient productivity. Management matters; Refining your resources to satisfy the needs of the inhabitants of the land. I believe that whatever a people need, to survive and to strive for significance is buried, and scattered in secrecy, on the land of their habitation. But if you fail to see what you have, then you don’t really have it. And if you mismanage what you have, you automatically lose it.

As a nation, we point at mismanagement when we brood on our current instability and our inability to have maximized our resources to its peak at this age. Mismanagement has stained the beauty of our identity and belittled the fruitfulness of our minds and hands as stewards of the land. Up till now, we dawdle under the shade of mismanagement, and play the blame game, while its roots go deep into our institutions and offices, absorbing the stores of water and nutrients.

Indiscipline breeds irresponsibility. Being irresponsible makes you a mismanager. Remember this, mismanagement can be private, but it is never personal. We mostly do not know who mismanaged, however, having the knowledge of who mismanaged, what was mismanaged and how it was mismanaged, coupled with our innocence cannot save us from suffering the consequences of someone’s act of irresponsibility, now or later, otherwise it takes the divine mercies of God to escape.

Workers get laid off because of the indiscipline of some managers. Lives are lost because certain people have made it a habit to dispose refuse inappropriately, especially into gutters at market places. This attitude in turn invites the wrath of flood into our homes.

Where there is mismanagement, disorder gains root. And when there is disorder, priorities are misplaced. This disorient the rights and privileges of the people. It’s not a surprise that at the blink of an eye, we find foreign tares among the crops, competing for the very little nutrient of the land that is meant for the crops.

Too much playing makes Jack a lazy guy. The blame game must come to a halt. It is time to sit up, and accept our individual responsibility and commitment to the nation. I believe nothing is too small to be mismanaged. If we all choose to act responsibly, the nation will be transformed. For we build the nation, and the nation builds us in return.

The onus falls on us, as one people of one nation bound by one origin and heritage to fulfill our pledge;

 To be faithful and loyal to Ghana, our motherland.

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