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This has crossed my mind a number of times since I started walking out onto the streets on my own. Just that it didn’t come to me more lively like it did yesterday. From the time I took to the roadside when I was a kid, playing with friends along the streets and spending my nights at the lorry park, I have always thought, fantasised and imagined all the sort of things I will do if this hope of mine materialised. These past few days, indeed came to me as a blow out of nowhere to ginger me to rekindle that thought that has sunk so deep into my mind. And behold it has given me new HOPES and actually intensified my desires to accomplish what I have always wanted.

Yesterday as usual, I had to go by foot to the neighborhood taxi rank to get a car to work after a very great ‘downpour’:that unwelcomed visitor which overstayed its permit throughout  the night and this morning as well when everyone was on the move. Workers, students and all people alike prayed that the rain would stop so that they could start the week well, and make it to work or school hussle-free. Unfortunately, the rain did not share the same sentiments at all as all these people, and extended the duration of its visit.

It was 7:48am exactly when the rain decided to depart from us and gave back to us our day, kissed by the bright rays of the sun. The taxi rank was populated by the time I got there, so I decided to stroll along looking forward to getting a trotro. Given the present circumstances, it was not uncommon for one to make it to work without any struggle since all our roads are in a very good shape – OMG! did I say good shape? No no no I meant roads full of  ‘manholes’ beautifully flanked by choked gutters.

Gradually, I started increasing my pace because it dawned on me that I may not get to work early if I wanted to wait for a car. All the ‘troskies’ passing by were either full or they were not going my direction. About twenty minutes went pass and there was no hope of me getting a car. I had to walk briskly now because I was late for work already. Taxis, trotro, school buses and private cars alike  all sped  passed me as if I had been left behind after the rupture. 

With all these potholes, on the roads, I had to jump for my life any time a car passed by in order to save my white uniform. I couldn’t afford to dirty my uniform on a Monday morning. I did my best to dodge splashed waters that each passing car which fell into a pothole made( as a way of telling me to stop being a miser – but was it my fault? You and I know how ‘better’ the economy is in this country). 

Unfortunately for me, a few steps away to my workplace, just when I was crossing the road, hmm! this TROTRO DRIVER who out of experience was able to swerve a very deep pothole that he had spotted before him, took a turn in my direction right after recovery from the impact of the ‘pothole-escape-adventure’. “Ooooooooohhhhhh nooooooooo! I can’t believe this”, those were my exact words. The driver who had not even a scintilla of guilt for painting my white uniform all brown as if he was a nursery student who had been instructed to paint a picture in his book and kept on painting with his hands pressing very hard on the crayon, sped off without even uttering an am sorry note as the norm has been.

What could I have done? I had come so close to my workplace but I couldn’t work in a white-turned-brown uniform on a day like this just as a new week had begun. If I tried, I am much aware that I would be asked to turn in my resignation letter by noon. On checking my time, a new idea drove it way into my mind – guess what?

 Thank God, I now have an excuse for being late, an acceptable one for that matter because my boss doesn’t accept rains as an excuse for lateness, but now it was not just the rains, I needed a change of uniform. I rushed back home to change and came back quickly, since most people had already left for their respective workplaces, I got a taxi this time around.

Pondering over what a mess I had gone through yesterday, had kept me thinking, I should say rethinking rather because this is one thought I have had for quite a long time now and it recurred any time it rained and cars passed me by. Only that this time it filled me with passion and I was eager and ready to do anything fair or foul to have it. All I wanted was to get my own car so that drivers would stop splashing water over me just like what happened yesterday as if they always wanted me to know what a failure in life I had become. I said to myself that I shall surely get one of these cars and shame all those clouds of witnesses who treated me as such.

But the irony of this thought is that I can’t even afford the tire of a car, and even if God gave me a car out of no where, I couldn’t afford a driver’s licence nor fuel to run the car. Being a window washer for my company, I live from hand to mouth, wearing the same shoes and uniform since I got this job which were even given to me on loan by my company. A three square meal is even difficult to get sometimes.

All the same, I thank God and that driver for giving me new HOPES and intensifying my desires for something that I cannot even buy with my whole life’s salary as a window washer. Maybe I have to reshape my life now!!! One day, I know I shall ride in one of the luxurious cars and live a life comfortable enough to be happy about. 




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