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Even though I was a bit shameful to have learnt that all the men turned cowards at the time, I took pride in the fact that she, Obaahemaa Yaa Asantewaa, the queen mother of Ejisu, was a daughter of the Warrior King.

Both the old and young sacrificed the gift of life and all that life had to offer them someday, not because they wanted to, but they had to.
I believe some sons and daughters of the Warrior King snivelled and grumbled when they craned their necks to catch a glimpse of the shadow of their calling. But the thought of peace, hope, freedom and justice for the future generation comforted their hearts.
Men have worked hard, draining every well of strength in their hearts into watering the seeds of peace, hope and love buried in this land, the land of the Warrior King, and died giving their all.
I have been searching and I am still searching, but I have not yet found that single word to describe these men. Men, who with a willing mind and a perfect heart toiled, and sacrificed their comfort not for what they saw then, but for what they foresaw.
I salute them.

But today, as I pen down these thoughts, my eyes are swallowed up in tears. I do not seem to fathom why the people of this land are still marking time even though the baton lies in our hands.
Where is the King’s Heart?. Our forefathers toiled and fought through oppression, and now, we hold the baton, and it is our turn to venture into true freedom.
But it is unfortunate that we are still victims of oppression, even when we are no longer in the oppressor’s chains.
We keep washing our feet at the shores of the sea of the land of freedom, and think that we are already free.
Meanwhile we, as a people, are still slave to the desires of our selfishness and greed. And we wallow in the quagmire of hopelessness and perverseness.
Today more than ever we need to find the King’s Heart, and nurture within ourselves the treasures of altruism, integrity, true freedom and justice that lies in its chambers.
Our cry has been for change. We indeed need change, but not just any kind of change.
We need a change that binds us together as one people. A change that ignites our sense of responsibility for our own lives and destiny as one people.

A change that commits not just some individual, but all of us to trueness and virtue.
We need a change of spirit and heart.

We need a change of attitude and mind.

The generations of tomorrow are looking up to us, to inherit from us the fruits of the seeds we inherited from our forefathers, not the same old seeds.

Posted by: Reagan Oppong

 B.Sc Biomedical Science, UCC


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