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I remember vividly what happened that day back in SHS when the pastor  preached on a sermon entitled “the excursion”- talking about what happens in the morgue, how helpless we become when we can no longer breath and when we await that great day of judgment. After that day,  the whole campus became as quiet as the cemetery. There was an altar call and the number of students who turned  up to give their lives to Jesus was just huge as if there have never been an altar call before. I wondered where all those people were during  the last four services since all four preachers had similar altar calls with not more than four people turning up per service. 

Within the first week after that sermon,  the auditorium was always full to the brim during any of the so many Christian gatherings.  Two weeks after,  it all started to fade away as the school  started crawling  back to its normal states with some students running  to hide in classrooms  and dormitories as well during  church service, and some others roaming around  the auditorium  as if they had no idea what was going on in there. Gradually the place which once looked like a cemetery came lively again with all sort of noises and aggressiveness from students.  What just happened, I had wondered. All of a certain the crowd have forgotten about the salvation message and they were back to the world. So I asked myself: “Did they really accept Jesus because  they understood why they should  accept him or out of fear that they may die unsaved and go to hell?” I hope your guess is as right as mine. 

Not only did I observe this in the school  but rather anytime the message of death and hell is preached,  people turn over their whole lives and begin to live the Holy life that they never thought they could live. But what baffles me anytime  I think  about this is why this change of state of life doesn’t  last long. 

A few weeks in the hospital has thought me another practice  that confirms the fact that people run to God usually when they are scared to death. Walk into any ward in the hospital and you observe this common practice. I know you can confirm this, that the most common book that you see in the hospital wards is the Bible. Almost  every patient has a Bible  by his/her bedside. Even the blind and the illiterate alike have a Bible by their bedside. It is a very common practice  to find the literate  among them reading the Bible day and night. 

Must we wait till we are faced with death to start reading our Bibles? Why can’t we live that Holy life that has become intermittent in our lives? Heaven and earth  are real, so the sooner  we plan where to spend eternity, the better for us all. Lord open our eyes to see the truth and run only after the truth that we may get to you when you  come for us. 


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