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Dear future me,
It is a great pleasure to get an opportunity like this to speak to you before I finally become you. Curiosity may have indeed killed the cat but I plead with it to spare me in my anxiety to know you even before the time is due. Why won’t I be curious even Google, the greatest search engine in the world cannot tell me how you look like – who I will become. 

How I wish you would introduce yourself to me now for me to know what I will look like some years to come. The paramount reason for being so curious to know about you is to find out if you are living a worthy life, one which millions do envy or that I may know if it is anything less than what I expect so that I can retrace your tracks now and ensure that I do not eventually become less worthy than I desire.

This few days of my life have been very hectic and how I wish that the consolation that I give myself (that you are proud of what I am doing) holds true otherwise I may never forgive myself when I become you. How I wish you could respond to this and tell me to either continue or show me a path that will lead me to easily become you. Why do you stay there and watch me without offering any help,  laughing at my mistakes? What counsels do you have for me? The obstacles are just too much that at most times I feel I might not be up to the task and hence want to quit. I am always worried because I do not want to betray you. If I do quit now then you will never get to exist.

When I look into the mirror, I see myself in you and I believe that you are living a good life. The fierce fire in your eyes stirs me up. My parents told me that the only thing that could make you proud of me was to go to school and finish with good grades. But if that is the only condition then I guess you are already proud of me. Come to think of it, must I suffer all these hardships so that you may enjoy yourself? Is it worth my efforts? As young as I am, why do you want me to suffer like this? Why don’t you let me enjoy myself as a child so that the struggle will be left to you since you will be matured enough to face all the challenges.

However, I have decided to continue in hard work and work tirelessly to ensure that you get the life that you deserve. This decision was not born out of nowhere. When I look at some old men who have become drunkards or smokers lying by the road side perishing every now and then, my heart is filled with pity that you may end up like that if I don’t make the right choices. This is not the only motivating factor, there are many more others which inspires me and gingers me to take the bold steps that I am afraid of. When I see those rich men in their big cars, flaunting their money about and living in luxurious apartments, I can not help than to wish same for you. Though I walk barefooted now to school, I prefer that you drive in a range rover to work instead and though I wear tattered clothing now, I wish you to always be neatly dressed in your shirts well tucked in, with your nice suits and tie just like the people I see in the bank whenever I pass by to the refuse dump.

All these that I want for you comes with a price which I solely have to pay for. I am trusting you to be that man that I want and not let my efforts go in vain. During school days, I can sit for over 8 hours learning with one thing in mind – that you may become someone great, someone who owns a multi billion dollar conglomerates and helping the citizens of my dear country by providing them with jobs. I don’t want to join the many who are holding up the governments’ throats to provide them with jobs. Indeed the vision is for an appointed time and it is up to you to make it materialise. I learnt that you need lots of connection to survive your age so I am doing everything possible within my own capacity to make enough friends. Sometimes people say am too open but I know it is for a good course – that you may be able to help the many people who require help of you and that you may get help any time you need one.

Apparently, you require many things from me which I have already given my heart to, ensuring that you always stay a winner. But this is what I require of you: do not use the money I suffer for on drinks or girls who have nothing to look up to. Rather make a choice among all those beautiful ladies I present to you as friends. Make your choice not only based on outward beauty but beauty coupled with good behaviour and morals. Build companies, offer homes to the homeless, and help to the helpless. Be a father to the fatherless and I will also be proud of you wherever I am.

Finally I have one request of you and that is, you constantly pray for me to make the right decisions because every thing I do or I don’t do now will determine what you become. Always be mindful that your fate lies in my hands now. Thank you and see you in the future.

Kind regards,

‘U’ in 2016.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it”

Posted by: Ehoneah Obed

Pharm D, KNUST

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