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Unhurriedly, the world is becoming an arena of deception where people no longer yearn for truth, but are swimmingly wobbled in lies and deception.

The fact is that truth hurts, but the world hates truth seekers and celebrates liars and prevaricators.


Sometimes I read through people’s profiles on social media and laugh my lungs out. A kenkey seller at Ashiaman would write her profile as someone from Florida, living in London and studying Law at Harvard University. She would use a sexy picture of any world celebrity for her profile, and by the next two hours, she would receive over thousand friend requests, likes and comments and that is simply because she has given out what the world wants: deception and lies.

Why do you think we are being bombarded with false prophesies and artificially calculated miracles in our churches and on TV screens? It’s because that is what we want to hear. We don’t want to hear the truth in the Bible; we want what will make us feel comfortable and continue to swim in sin.

I walk on campus and realize that most of the long queues are formed at the so called “fast foods” joints. Everyone wants to eat that category of food, because it cooks fast with many believing it’s for the rich. Ironically, these fast foods don’t digest fast, but that is what most people patronize, deception. Let me tell you this, anytime you find yourself on the side of the majority, ask yourself, why am I here? Am I here by my own conviction or by popular deception?


Our politicians will never stop lying to us. Oh never! We won’t vote for them if they tell us the truth. We are swayed away by lies and deception.  Imagine a guy proposes to a lady and in the process tells her the truth about himself as someone who has nothing: has no money, has no much paying job etc. Such a guy might be single forever.  Albeit, some ladies will always accept guys who go around lying to them of having everything in the world, deception.

The guys on the other hand will chase ladies who edit their pictures and polish their faces with strange make ups to look like a “Takoradi or Bolga Beyounce”. Those who present their natural outlook are oftentimes not given any attention. We are carried away by deception and lies.

 My generation is one of the luckiest generations. We have almost everything at our disposal: science and technology, knowledge, but deception, ignorance and mediocrity may drag our progress to the mud. We always want to conform with the world so that we will also be accepted. To become great you must be you. Believe in yourself, you must be different and you must defile the odds.


What my generation doesn’t want to hear or know is TRUTH.  We are cool with lies and deceptions, because it makes us feel comfortable, but when we are told the truth, we react with emotions other than with our senses. It is well.

 “We are not children of a lesser god”

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 Ntenhene Felix



  1. Great work you guys are doing….if this piece reaches the right audience,I’m very sure ’twill cause a transformational change.


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