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Friday, June 3, 2016; today to be precise, is exactly a year after Ghana experienced the gory incident and it is what has become a term on the lips of several Ghanaians, including the young and the adult, the ‘Black Wednesday’.

Over hundreds were killed and many injured. The hundreds of precious souls were submerged in an apoplectic flow of water.
The souls were doused in wicked flames. It happened suddenly and unexpected. Everyone in the country was surprised. we were all emotional and  wept Mothers wept for their sons. Fathers wept for their daughters. Sons and daughters wept for their parents. Families wept for their relatives, their bread winners.

Mother Ghana wept for her children, and the lost properties. Wives became widows Husbands became widowers Children became orphans. The nation was in tears and the  tears turned into an ocean of blood. Wednesday, June 3, 2015, was a nightmare to the nation. It was an eye sore. We monitored the air waves for a survivor. We got our phones busy to confirm none of the people we know were not victims We prayed for divine help. We asked for divine mercies. We hoped never to see it again. Today I write not to escalate the pains embossed on the hearts of the victims or deceased families. Neither do I write to revive what has been buried in memory. Trust me, I don’t take joy in opening old wounds.
But I write to pay homage to the victims. I write to pay tribute to the affected families. I write to ask our Almighty God to keep the lost souls in His bosom. May the souls rest in perfect peace.

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Boateng-Boakye Evans PHARM D


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