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Sitting on the 1994 sofa grandpa bought for daddy for naming his son after him[grandpa].

As tattered and antiquated it appears, I laid down on it though it’s cushion mattress is almost flat in size.


On days like today,all i can do is cope with the intense heat radiating from the old brownish aluminium roofing of the house, and gaze at the rusty old ceiling fan for any miracle of impending rotation, pray for my Galace SQ S18 mobile phone; notable of having weeks lasting battery but has been pitch black for hours, a sign it’s hungry and thirst for electricity, to finally get power to charge so I can call my bae and argue about certain things going wrong in this country.

I began to reminisce and smile to myself about the creation story taught in children’s service. I remember it’s in Genesis 1:3 and it’s in that part God said “let there be light”and there was light. Challenging myself, I commanded the bulb hanging from the ceiling to show light and it was to no avail but i remembered it was ECG I was dealing with duh! In my subconscious, I rather offered prayers to all deities known and unknown to touch the ‘fist-size, hollow, cone-shaped, 250-350 grams, all muscular’ heart of that ECG officer in charge of the ‘DUM’ as well as the ‘SOR’. At least, I know when touched by the spirit, he/she would grant me ‘SOR’ which I have been denied for the past 48 hours. I suck when it comes to predictions. Yes! how could I have predicted back in May that there would be no flood cases in Accra during this year’s raining season. Oops! But with ‘DUMSOR’, I have on my own through keen observation and calculation derived a way to predict the power supply. Presently in my village, it stands as 48 hours of total ‘DUM’ and 24 hours of ‘SOR’ intermit with about four times ‘DUM’. At least, I don’t really suck when it comes to predicting ‘DUMSOR’.
Feeling very uncomfortable,i walked outside to get some cool fresh air. While outside,i could see light in the Member of Parliament’s house. Yes! It’s a mansion on a hill and could be seen from my neighbourhood. Of course he has a standby generator. One of the dividends of democracy. I am not envious of him at all because even if I win for free, a generator from Tigo’s “Y3nsor nkoaa” promotion, I barely can afford to buy fuel to run it.

Back in my room, the small black and white TV sits idle and useless on the center table with a white paper on it. I guess that paper is my huge bills to settle for using electricity in June but i can honestly count the number of hours power ran through my cables in the house. For my friend Abdullahi Adnan, his TV is now his alarm. He leaves it on so when power is restored, the ‘shhhhhh’ sound wakes him up whenever he sleeps. I could remember last night, his new ‘catch’ on campus, Sarah, was vexed beyond measure because she called his phone a thousand times but couldn’t reach him all because of ‘DUM’. I don’t blame her! What does she know of ‘DUMSOR’? East legon is no Koforidua-Jumapo. A definition of the fair distribution of the national cake I guess!

In this ‘DUM’, I’m not giving up my hope yet. I’m going to pray in tongues till ECG give us all the ‘SOR’ because as we continue to live in this ‘DUM’, businesses will close down, people will lose their jobs, students will use candles to read for examinations, among others. Amidst all these sufferings, the government will keep making fallible promises they can’t keep. So I ask, when will we see 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply? Hope they know the time to wait in long queue to show the power of our thumbs isn’t far away..just 2016! Drastic measures should be put in place to help solve this problem and let us stop politicizing bet you Mr. President, if you have plans of resolving the power crisis later this year all in the name of buying our votes in 2016, then I’m Sorry to say you have no better place than to be in the opposition.

I’m Boateng Boakye Evans and I’m suffering from this ‘DUMSOR’ but i see a better Ghana ahead built by responsible,selfless,visionary,
scrupulous leaders. God bless Ghana,we deserve better!

By the way,when am i getting lights? ECG! Better still,give me a new ‘DUMSOR’ timetable because the old one isn’t effective anymore.

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