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I recall it was on the 18th of May and exactly about 24 hours away to the birthday of Bernice; my then new first year grab on campus.

I had known her for less than a year, I perfectly remember, because it was during the SRC fun city night at royal parade grounds I met her. We became friends and the relationship growing from platonic became more intimate so fast than I expected.

She was with some other lady friends busily engaged in a conversation a distance away while I remained in the long queue to buy her hambrass fried rice from Africa hall. I could predict the conversation was all about her impending birthday and how happy she was. I had her book in my hands while I waited to buy the food so out of boredom, I opened to read anything inside. To my utter surprise I found a small white envelope which was already opened inside the book. I froze out and nearly peed into my pants upon reading the content of the envelope. Pain quickly overtook and substituted the everlasting love I had for her. Within the shortest moment, the fully grown man in me was gone. I burst into tears like a baby craving for breast milk. I knew the whole world that had gathered there to purchase from the popular campus fried rice joint was looking at me. Everybody seemed to be surprised and they just watched me with their mouths wide opened.


I couldn’t wait for long anymore to keep embarrassing myself in that public so I left the scene for my room in hall 7.  She is cheating on me and all this while she has pretended to be the only angel alive in heaven, I convinced myself. I took from my wallet the tall list I made as her birthday surprise and went straight to dump into the bin, the gifts I had packaged to be delivered on 19th the next day as her birthday gift. The night before, I had coaxed her to accept 150gh cedis to visit the saloon although she insisted she wasn’t interested in the money. I had been buying her gifts and all and now I consoled myself that she was an opportunistic girl. She had heard the news after she realised I was nowhere to be found again at the food joint. I can remember how she sounded in front of my door when I deliberately refused to let her into the room.

The birthday was over and I had refused her numerous calls. I refused to reply her text messages, I wasn’t bothered after all, she was using the free call time and texts to vodafone offer from D.O.S. She claimed it wasn’t true and she wanted us to talk and settle it out. I was so hurt deep within that I was so proud to give her the chance and  listen to her. I saw her actions as nothing but fake. I told her it was over between us.

On 14th August about 3 months after I broke up with her, I went back to read the letter I saw in her book once again since it was still in my custody.


Then I realised I got everything wrong. Totally wrong!!!! The letter was actually a love proposal from my own prayer wing leader in church here on campus. Lol, these church leaders will kill us with their tongues in church. They behave as if they were present in that room the disciples of Jesus prayed and received the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. I thought they don’t date on campus, anyway, they also have hearts and feelings. The letter was actually delivered to my Bernice by a guy on behalf of the prayer wing leader but unfortunately, it was for another Bernice in her room. So I was all wrong and misjudged her. I branded her cheap and thought she was all over me because I could offer a three square meal on campus daily, drove one of the flashy cars on campus, something very uncommon about many students. I was proud and bossy. At least I could have granted her audience to explain to me. Or probably taken my time to read the letter well and investigated to reveal the truth.

I wanted to see her and apologise so I rushed to her room in Queens hall. Immediately I got there, I got to know she was seriously sick the day before. She passed away when she went to the KNUST hospital to receive medical attention. There, I broke down into tears and wanted to die too. It is one year today and I still miss her like crazy. I have learnt a great lesson from this in my love life and I wish everyone learns from this too.


When tomorrow comes, and you find your true love: love unconditionally and remember “when nails grow, we cut them down but not the fingers. In the same vain, cut ego and pride, be ready to settle amicably when there is a problem in your relationship.


Do not rush to cut the relationship rather short.” Real girls are hard to find nowadays on campus so hold your babe tight. Stop thinking she is all around because of your money.

This piece as well as every name in it is a complete fiction and the writer has no deliberate intentions to defame any individual including himself. It is just a piece to inform and educate by teaching a lesson we can all learn from so far as relationships on campus are concerned.




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