​Reagan Oppong

I believe that in growing in our intimacy with God, we come to the knowledge of who we are.
And in finding who we are, our purpose comes alive in our hearts.

Our purpose gives us a focus. And our focus directs us into fulfilling that purpose.
Inspiring others to aspire for greatness is my calling. 

I believe in the power of words. Remember, words framed the world.
I speak to the hearts of my listeners. And i love to share my thoughts through my writings. 
I believe sowing words of inspiration and transformation into the hearts of men commit them to an action, an action of change.
I admire nature a lot, no wonder nature stands to be an inspiration to me. And I am a committed student of life.
I study B.Sc Biomedical Science at the University of Cape Coast, and I am a proud Mariscan( St. Mary’s Boys’ Senior  High School, Takoradi).
I’m a volunteer and the Coordinator for The Grand Charity Foundation, U.C.C chapter, and the founder and leader of Biomed-Scope Research. And I happen to be the writer of Agape Inspiration.
You are gifted. Yes indeed, we all are, one way or the other. And that gift in you is a present God put in you to give the world. 

And so you have life, and there is greatness in you.

In fact, your existence is enough evidence that there something in you that the world needs.
I challenge you to live full and die empty.