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31st December continues to be a special day in the lives of most people.  It is a day that keeps many thinking, causing them to reminisce what they have done throughout the year. But because of the joy it present, everyone is happy to find himself/herself in that day.

On this day, it is not uncommon to see people who have not entered the temple the whole of the year in there, praying for deliverance, for prosperity in the coming year etc. 

I guess if God was a man, the best time he would have closed his gates will be on new year’s Eve. One startling thing that have always baffled me and till now I cannot comprehend is, how some others on this great day of deliverance decide to harden their heart like that of King Pharaoh and go stealing since they presume stealing is a habit they cannot stop. When everyone is intentional about being saved on such a day, so that they may see the new year in one piece and with a peaceful mind, these thieves are also intentional about going to hell(or you think they don’t know what they are doing – didn’t they sit to calculate to see the time that nobody will be home?).

One thing worth mentioning, is the New Year’s Resolution. Now ask me what about the new year resolutions? Notwithstanding the failures and successes in every year, new year resolutions are always towards successes only and expecting no failures but failures as inevitable as they are, always try to locate us wherever we find ourselves – even when we hide under the robe of the pope. This has brought to realization that new year resolutions are ineffective and as useless as a Bible in the shrine of a fetish priest. Mind you, the fact that one will die doesn’t mean you should stop living before you die, in much the same way we have to continue to make these resolutions even though we may fail at some of them. Just see these presenting failures as opportunities to change your strategies to success because you only achieve different results when you take different approaches. 

Also, more importantly is the fact that many fail to analyse and reflect on the way of  life they lived in the outgoing year. This period is an opportunity to take stocks of your life. Find out the ‘whys’ to everything in your life, why did you fail, why couldn’t you achieve this or that? Remember you set some goals last year at this same time, how far did you go with it? Did you worship God the way you planned? Did you read that book you wanted to read? If no, then why? Find answers to these ‘whys’ and let them be a guide for you in the coming year.

Finally, the new year, 2017 is almost here, what are your plans; that you may buy a new what? That you may go where? Start planning now and write your plans down, place it where you will see it almost everyday, give it life by confessing it even as Jesus said “The words that I speak to you they spirit and they are life”.

Success is yours in 2017, believe it, claim it and live it out. See you in much joy and strength in 2017.

My name is Obed Ehoneah, I know that 2017 holds a lot of opportunities for me, I believe it and I claim it in Jesus name, what about you?

Posted by: Ehoneah Obed

Pharm D, KNUST

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It all began with a coin toss.

The coin came up tails; she was heads.

Had it gone her way, there might not be a story at all. Just a sentence in a book whose greater title had yet to be determined.

Sometimes a girl needs to lose.

Ade has always prejudiced to be an orphan, and that everything she knows about orphanhood is limited to what she has been told by her parents and then by what they were told, which was sketchy at best: a week old baby was found in an empty typewriter case in the second-to-last pew of an Eastern orthodox  Church. Was the case a clue to her biological father’s profession? Did the church mean her birth mother was devout? Until now, you will not know that is why you should not choose to anticipate.

When he was told about her(for lack of better word) accident, he felt horrible. Not horrible in the sense that she was hospitalised, but because he now knew the reason for her hospitalisation, and that he was not ready, anytime soon, to disclose what really happened.

It was late in the evening when he received the message. There was nothing he could do. He couldn’t  have gone either: The roads were scary, and it hadn’t been long since an attack incident happened.

The next day in the afternoon, he arrived at the hospital. After receiving directions, he was able to locate her ward and, fortunately or unfortunately for him,he met a Doctor and introduced himself:

“Sir, I am Larkin. Unfortunately, her family is not here, but I am her boyfriend.”

Larkin appeared at the hospital in a neatly ironed, short-sleeved shirt and a pair of jean trousers. He entered and saw Ade lying on a bed with normal saline solution being pumped into her veins. She felt very weak, and her eyes closed. He warmly took her by the hand, caught them in his fist and kissed her forehead. He was emotionally disturbed; he was impassive. What was he going to tell Ade’s family? How was he going to say it? All these groundswelling questions were boggling his mind. The more he thought about them the more flustered he became.

“Hey. It’s me, Larkin. You’ll be fine. Yhh.” 

The name, Larkin, sounded familiar to her; she couldn’t remember exactly who Larkin was to her. He had to start introducing himself all over again, describing clear memorable events they had together, and even raised the issue of the coin toss. But all these had no root in her brain. He felt more fretted and wondered what on earth could have resulted after that small twist on the staircase. He couldn’t bear what he was experiencing so he uttered few inspiring words and ended with I LOVE YOU, and excused himself. If I had the chance, I would call this second dude evacuating the ward Will. Because the first dude, Larkin, who entered the hospital in an aggressive manner was not the same larkin leaving. The experiences he went through remoulded him into the so-called illusionary Will.

Ade, who used to weigh around sixty-eight kilogram was now weighing somewhere 40kg, and her plump body was turning into something else. Her blazing eyes were dull and sunken. An intelligent girl as Ade had turned into a moron already. What really was her medical condition? 

Larkin appeared in the hospital three days after to find out about Ade’s medical condition. This time, he was in a checkered shirt and a pair of black trousers. He was refused his request. The Doctor, perhaps, needed the parents of the casualty. 

Larkin was also growing lean and weak. All his details could be clearly seen, spur of the moment, on how loose his trousers were on him. 

One afternoon, Ade’s parents found their way into the hospital. Thanks to a nearby bystander who saw Ade being rushed into the hospital-They had roamed lots of hospitals. They located her ward and hurriedly went to see her. They felt surprised at their first sight. Because, they couldn’t recognise their daughter. She was completely changed. Funny or scary enough, their daughter could not remember having any or such parents. Her parents felt disappointed. They couldn’t believe their eyes and what they heard. They sought for an explanation to everything. Everything they could not comprehend. When she was admitted, and the cost of her bills was what the Doctor could tell them- Diagnosis was still on-going.

Some four days after, larkin decided to visit Ade. He wore a neat, polo lacoste. Incidentally, he met her parents and the Doctor at the ward. The on-going diagnosis was half way through. The medical condition was resolved. In a faint whisper, the Doctor unleashed the condition: “your daughter is suffering AMNESIA.” The parents of Ade gazed in bewilderment. Silence filled the room, and larkin finally released the dispatch:

“I can explain; I’m not the cause though. We are workers in the same department- photography. I was told, onetime after work, on her way home with Raina, a co-worker, they forgot to pick up a camera. No one was willing to climb the long stairs. So they had to toss, and unfortunately she lost. On her way down the stairs, her legs twisted and she dashed her head against the floor.” Her parents were sad on hearing the news. But the Doctor assured them of their daughter going to be well. Larkin sobbed and excused himself. Ade’s parents followed later.
To be continued …

Posted by: Eshun Obed Kane

Pharm D, KNUST

(Guest Writer)

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Hello my bonafide Yaa Abrafi Koto, 
                I cannot hide my joy for getting the opportunity once again to write to you. I know you miss me a lot because the last time I visited your house, it was unfortunate I had to take a French leave  because I was paying for the diarrhea I got from that Zongo junction ‘gob3’ I took as breakfast. I got home safely even though I embarrassed myself in the trotro I took home.

                  My love, you remember I told you I had something important and dear to my heart to discuss with you? It is because of that I decided to write to you this piece. There is a saying that, ‘a blow which is inevitably yours, when earlier encountered will extricate you from further hostilities’ and so I won’t waste much of the time beating about the bush.

Spending few years of my life on the lands of KNUST has indeed opened my eyes to ‘life’ on campus and as I err around, what I have observed motivates me to tell you this.

                Frankly speaking, it was my prayer that God makes a way for you to get admission to join me in the best University in Ghana because I could feel your pain and struggle as you have tried fruitlessly in the November-December WASSCE for the past three years. WAEC nearly gave you an award  for that record, you know. I am grateful that you have finally gained admission to KNUST. Sweetheart, I found out you got admitted to read Doctor of Pharmacy even though your dream was to read Medicine. Please do not be discouraged because you have been given a better field you would not regret in future. I know you are eager to come to school and this feeling is a usual one. I was once like you. I must say, you would like everything in KNUST maybe except that you would have to pay expensive school fees every year.

                   I know very well that you are under kind of a domineering rule in your home. This compels you to stay home often times. You are under strict supervision of your parents and hence, you are better off than an angel in heaven.  You do not have the liberty to wear what you like, go where you wish and do whatever you prefer to do. Also, Wesley Girl’s, your senior high school was like a military training camp or better still a prison and hence you were trained to be as discipline as you could be. 

Nevertheless, the University life is like what most of my friends call it, ‘universal city life’. Indeed it is a universal city occupied by many people from all walks of life, different character and background. There is total independence on campus, and unlike your home, you are not bound by any supervision, stringent rules and regulations. Comparatively, there are no housemistresses, siren, morning assemblies, roll taking, Exeat, as it were in your senior high school. In short, you do what you like at any time but bound by many lax rules geared towards providing comfort for academic and social activities.

                My love, this total freedom may be new to you and as a fresher and inexperienced, if care is not taken, it could influence you negatively to do certain things you are not known for. 

There is fun on campus and you being a party loving person, you may want to have all the fun you’ve been deprived of. One thing worth mentioning is the ‘drink up’ parties, hall week celebrations, etc you may be influenced to attend. At these gatherings, you would get to drink the; Ciroc vodka, 8 pm, Heineken ,Smirrnoff, Amarula, Joy dadi, Adonko bitters and those other alcoholic drinks you can think of since you have always wanted the chance to do this.

               Abrafi, you know you are not expected to be in prescribed uniforms especially reading Pharmacy and so you can wear anything of your choice. Please do not change your style of dressing to the campus style. Some ladies here dress almost nude by wearing what they refer to as  ‘see me through’, ‘I’m aware’, ‘bare back’, ‘high waist trousers with the breast long dress’, ‘Leggings’, ‘Jeggings’, ‘braless dresses’, ‘tattered jeans’, ‘bomb shorts’, etc. Maybe someone has to remind me if we are still in the Garden of Eden where nudity was not a sin until Satan deceived man. I think I’m lost then.

When dressing, do not be influenced to wear about ‘3 inches’ of make-up because you want to look attractive and presentable. To be honest, I love you the way you look and I know other guys will also run helter-skelter for your love. But please do not over paint your face and look like those comedians in concert parties we used to watch when we were kids. Anyway, do not get me wrong with this. I’m saying this because too much of everything is bad and sometimes it scares us when we meet some ladies like that.

                Honey, I know that you are a ‘holy virgin’ and you have saved that precious gift for me on our honeymoon but let me hasten to caution that  some guys here on campus may want to ‘decipher’ or let me say exploit that treasure you have on your land called ‘ayaase’.  So please don’t be swayed by the ’November rush’. Oops my bad!!!, please do not be offended if I’m being too blunt. 

 Pressures and fun here may cajole you to put up lackadaisical attitude towards academic work.  You may boycott so many lecture periods without genuine reasons and as well refuse to write laboratory reports,  do assignments or even sit up to study.

In spite of all these, please be reminded that there is no surety you would be a victim of the university influence if only you pay heed to what I’m telling you and not forgetting the advice your parents will give you before you come to school. Please get yourself good company as soon as you come here, also don’t hesitate to cut any relationship with any friend you see to be going wayward and has the potential of being a bad influence. 

Baby, I wish you engage yourself in religious activities and not joke with your spiritual life. But hey, do not over do these religious thingy and be too ‘chrife’ since that would not help you in your academics. Don’t misquote me, I only mean be time conscious and manage your time very well to have a balance in everything you do here on campus. Believe you me, pharmacy isn’t an easy program and it takes dedication, hard work and perseverance to survive it, that’s why I say you need to balance your academics and religious life.

               I have said a few but important, worth noting stuff about life here on campus and I hope a word to a wise is indeed enough to you in your dictionary.

To end this, I pray you take my advice seriously and I wish you a successful PharmD journey.  I love you so much and I cannot wait to see you at the faculty neatly dressed in your official wear, the new pharmacy ‘ritual’ though. 

The one you love,


Note: No name, no person in this piece, and no outfit, thank God, is based upon an actual person or outfit in the real world. All names and characters are fictitious intended for writing purposes only. But I can tell you this; as my journey through the pharmaceutical jungle progresses, I have come to realize that, by comparison with the reality, my piece is as tame as a holiday postcard. Lol. Thank you.

Posted by: Boateng-Boakye Evans

Pharm D, KNUST

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​UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE… The Money or Passion???

Gone are the days where every university graduate could be employed  soon after completion of their national service. What do we see now? The number of unemployed graduates is now extremely high to an extent that, it has led to the formation of an association known as the UNEMPLOYED GRADUATES ASSOCIATION OF GHANA.
As it is a common thing to do in Ghana, my dearest motherland, all we have done about it, is to sit, complain and insult the Government for not providing adequate jobs for us all. 

Having given this a deeper thought, I realised all these issues may have it root from WAEC examinations (all the malpractices associated), university admission and entrance process (the to-whom-you-know process). Let us be frank to ourselves and answer this question: what is the criteria for choosing a programme of study in Ghana now? Is it the passion for the course, the grades or the money. I know more than half of all those who read this believe that it is now more of who has the means to afford and also if you are lucky your grades can take you somewhere. Where is the passion then?

I am a total believer in the  popular adage that ” lack of knowledge make people perish”. I guess many have little or no knowledge about the courses they choose to study, only that their parents have the means to afford their entrance into that programme or the parents think they have some links by which they can secure a job for their ward when they are able to graduate. Be careful because circumstance changes and when the billows roll, will you be able to stand firm in whatever field you find yourself in?

Looking at the number of candidates sitting for WAEC examinations and other kinds of examinations in this country annually, and the number of people applying for entrance into the various universities, there is no scintilla of doubt that the various tertiary institutions are making lots of cash. Their schemes to make more money does not only rest with the sales of forms at those exorbitant prices but also accepting ‘protocol students’ (why won’t they accept them when they have lots of money to offer?), and the most recent observation is that the number of fee paying students admitted is on the rise with that of the regular students declining greatly. 

Another one that I have also realised is that even after selecting the students to be admitted, they employ a new way to make more money and that is by making room for more new applications. They give us many good reasons for us to believe them. Does it bother me that they are getting money or should I say extorting money from us? Not at all, I am just bothered about those brilliant kids who were not that fortunate to have silver spoons in their mouth on the day of their birth.
Put yourself in his/her shoes and you will know why I am concerned; That guy who could score 100 percent in all eight courses even though he barely finishes his exam most of the time  due to inability to pay school fees; That guy who seems to have a great future but had to let go of it because he couldn’t afford a university admission form and the guy who managed to work to generate some income to purchase the admission forms and was not admitted because he couldn’t afford the bribe he was asked to pay.

What I see around is the children of the rich showing off everywhere they go that they are in the university although their performances in class could not have taken them there. But for the affluence of their parents they would have been the ones writing Nov/Dec but all the same whether remedial or not, they now have a means to get into the university. Why then won’t the rich become richer and the poor, poorer?

Those who have the passion will always want to practice what they found themselves in even though the pay off may be as small as possible because they feel fulfilled. On the other hand, the others who bought their way through the system will not be willing to stand when their occupation starts drifting. 

Let us come to the realisation that, we are all different in one way or the other, even though both the right and left legs can put on a shoe each, they each have to get a specific shape of the shoe to feel comfortable, obviously when it is exchanged they  feel uncomfortable.

I am Obed, I believe we can start following our passions and that will make a difference and cut down unemployment rate. I encourage all who are down in the dumps because they have been denied admission once or more for any of the reasons stated above or any other, to take heart and not give up, for if it is yours, it shall surely come back to you.

To all those who have graduated but yet to be employed, I say to you, keep fighting the good fight and also look around you, find something that you are passionate about and do it no matter how small you make out of it for the joy is in the job fulfilment and not just the more money you get.

Once again, I reiterate: Learn more and be wise.

My opinions though

Posted by: Ehoneah Obed (  Pharm D, Knust                                       © SnavewritesGroup 2016 

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Theodore Roosevelt once said, “A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railway”. In our case, they steal the freight car, the railway and the land as well.

Over the past years, corruption has been one of the topical issues discussed in Ghana and Anas Aremeyaw Anas has been instrumental in the fight against it. His secret camera has aided him to capture corrupt officials in the act of taking bribes in the course of their duties. Despite the public ridicule and chastisement of officials for this god-awful act, it seems most officials just can’t live without taking bribes. To escape being caught on Anas’ camera, the new tactics adopted by officials in taking of money as bribes is the use of mobile money transfer. These days when you are asked to pay money for a favor or as a bribe, you are given a mobile money number to do a deposit of the bribe. This is done to escape Anas’ camera, in which corrupt officials are caught counting or receiving money as bribe.

According to IMANI Ghana, Ghana loses $3 billion to corruption annually and this figure was based on a report from the Auditor- General’s office.  In 2014, the government of Ghana secured $298m loan from the Brazilian government for the construction of the Kejetia market. The Nkrumah circle interchange costs $100m and the money was secured through an export credit agreement between Ghana and PNB Paribas of Paris. The Bui dam project cost $622m and out of this total cost, the China Exim Bank gave a concessional loan of $270m at 2% interest rate and a commercial loan of $292m. The total cost of all these major projects doesn’t amount to half of the money that was estimated as being plunged into corruption by the Auditor-General’s Office, which means if corruption was curbed, Ghana could have done all these projects without going for a loan.

According to the African Union, more than $148bn is lost to corruption in Africa every year. Interestingly, the $200m African Union headquarters was built and donated to the 55 African countries by China. Yet $148b goes into our corruption sector. 75% of the world poorest countries are said to be in Africa. The net worth of the world’s richest man is $90b which means African corruption sector is richer than the world’s richest man. Corruption is a throat cutting act; it cuts the throat of the poor. This devilish act has a grave impact on Ghana and Africa at large. The effects are deadly to both the living and the unborn. It is an injurious act and if not combated wholistically, it may burry our country in the grave of poverty. Our corrupt officials can adopt all ill tactics to swerve the ace Journalist Anas, but they should always remember that the evil seeds men sow, shall always germinate from their toes and when the wind blows, the anus of chickens will be exposed, the wind shall certainly blow one day. God save Ghana and Africa!

“We are not children of a lesser god”

Ntenhene Felix


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Friday! Hurray! Did that rhyme? Well, to me it did and this paints a clear image of my unquenchable love for Fridays. May I ask, who doesnt love Fridays? I bet you even the birds love Fridays, if you’ve paid attention to the kind of tunes they sing on Friday mornings. 

Lol!! You cannot blame me for having strong affection for Fridays as deep as that of which Khaleesi had for her dragons (at least until they got rebellious). Let me take you down the memory lane, back in school, usually, I close from my lab sessions early on Fridays, meet up with some friends to play video game and that makes my Friday memorable like the story behind the titanic.  Surprisingly, this Friday showed otherwise and I want to share that with you. 

Immediately after my laboratory work, I communicated with some friends and we decided to meet up at my place to play video games (the usual rituals though). With the little ounce of strength left in my muscles, I carried myself to my room, took a cold shower and waited for them. 

Fast forward to thirty minutes past eight and they still had not showed up. Sitting idle, I decided to have a quick recap of the week as I hardly do. To travel down memory lane once again, I knew the perfect melody to go with was none other than Memory Lane (sittin in da park) off the classic illmatic album by Nasir Jones. 

I had been battling hip-hop addiction for some time but I reckon a little of it wont hurt. I quickly grabbed my laptop and soon the song was playing. I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling and started to recall the activities of the week. 

The week had seen me go about my usual plan. Since I gained admission in the university to study pharmacy my plan was to accentuate my academics by approaching it amicably amid being arduous and aggressive just to make straight As. 

Thats what I did every other day of every other week but on Thursday of this week something spectacular happened. I got to the study room around seven oclock feeling very tired. I decided to stand outside a bit to feel the cool breeze that blows across the Tek Credit Hostel.

 When I got there, I met three other guys (Guy 1.0, Guy 2.0 and Guy 3.0) who I usually meet in the study room. They were talking about what the future holds for them and where they will like to work after school. This was what ensued among them:

Yoo my niggas wasup, I interrupted. 

Guy 1.0:    Charley we base o. Their conversation continued. 

Guy 2.0:     As for me UN is the place where I will work o 

Guy 1.0:    Yeah me too, my daddy revealed it to me on my 20th birthday.  

 The third guy who had remained silent for a while also revealed that he also had similar intentions. Since they all had big dreams in corrupt times like this, it was normal that I should ask if they knew people occupying higher but not just high positions in the UN administration and so I did not feel reluctant at all. 

Guy 1.0 quickly replied: oh! My fathers best friend is the head of the UN Statistical Commission. He said once I acquire my first degree from here, I should just flash him on phone.

 Fully filled with pride and confidence, the second guy revealed: I also know Mrs Adjeibea Adinyira, shes one of UNs top judges and even showed up for dinner with my family last weekend when I visited home.

 I really admired the third guy, who happened to be relaxed throughout the conversation I was eavesdropping. He came up again to say this: I know the boss of all these people and thats why I am so confident I will pull through far ahead of you guys. Those words sparked laughter in all of us except him. 

“You think we are kids to be deceived, oh so you know Ban-ki Moon now huh?” I said. He laughed and retorted: “No!!! But I know Jesus and he’s all I have to know”. ῀I bet you should have seen our faces῀. It was like the faces the NBA fans made when Nate Robinson dunked on Yao Ming. We were all so busy developing ‘links’ with notable people but we had forgotten about Jesus. That moment was the most remarkable moment of my week. 

Most of us run to Jesus only in times of need or when all our plans have failed. But ideally, he is supposed to be a part of the plan since the beginning. Jesus is whom we should know and I can boast thats enough for an entire lifetime. “Who do you know?” this is the most important question the youth today are finding answers to in our part of the world especially in times of job search after a degree. 

With this new hope that, God is all I need to know and have, I want to encourage you all that to hell go the fears and doubts about our tomorrow. Surely we shall overcome so far as we know God.
Anyways my friends never showed up so I ended up sleeping like a baby.                                                           

Sweet dreams stuck in the 90s.

Kweku Yirenkyi 

Pharm D 

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Never was it a choice to make. It’s our calling. That our identity is tied to this land, our motherland.

Unto us a land is given. Buried in the womb of the land are the treasures that define the selfhood of the land. A land gifted with life, a life that keeps the living alive.

It’s our call to be stewards. It’s our call to manage the land. It’s our call to maximize the gifts and treasures of the land. The wisdom of the old foresaw the price we had to pay, and the demands of the land, and so crafted words of allegiance to commit our strength and heart to the service of the land. To stretch out our faithfulness and loyalty toward the land, that we shall hold in high esteem our heritage won for us through the blood and toil of our fathers, and uphold and defend the good name of the land.

To whom much is given, from him is much expected. Every great gift requires a greater care. I have realized that, what makes the difference in life is not a matter of what you have but what you make of what you have been given.

And so having the best resources does not guarantee an efficient productivity. Management matters; Refining your resources to satisfy the needs of the inhabitants of the land. I believe that whatever a people need, to survive and to strive for significance is buried, and scattered in secrecy, on the land of their habitation. But if you fail to see what you have, then you don’t really have it. And if you mismanage what you have, you automatically lose it.

As a nation, we point at mismanagement when we brood on our current instability and our inability to have maximized our resources to its peak at this age. Mismanagement has stained the beauty of our identity and belittled the fruitfulness of our minds and hands as stewards of the land. Up till now, we dawdle under the shade of mismanagement, and play the blame game, while its roots go deep into our institutions and offices, absorbing the stores of water and nutrients.

Indiscipline breeds irresponsibility. Being irresponsible makes you a mismanager. Remember this, mismanagement can be private, but it is never personal. We mostly do not know who mismanaged, however, having the knowledge of who mismanaged, what was mismanaged and how it was mismanaged, coupled with our innocence cannot save us from suffering the consequences of someone’s act of irresponsibility, now or later, otherwise it takes the divine mercies of God to escape.

Workers get laid off because of the indiscipline of some managers. Lives are lost because certain people have made it a habit to dispose refuse inappropriately, especially into gutters at market places. This attitude in turn invites the wrath of flood into our homes.

Where there is mismanagement, disorder gains root. And when there is disorder, priorities are misplaced. This disorient the rights and privileges of the people. It’s not a surprise that at the blink of an eye, we find foreign tares among the crops, competing for the very little nutrient of the land that is meant for the crops.

Too much playing makes Jack a lazy guy. The blame game must come to a halt. It is time to sit up, and accept our individual responsibility and commitment to the nation. I believe nothing is too small to be mismanaged. If we all choose to act responsibly, the nation will be transformed. For we build the nation, and the nation builds us in return.

The onus falls on us, as one people of one nation bound by one origin and heritage to fulfill our pledge;

 To be faithful and loyal to Ghana, our motherland.

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